Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A gravery shade of dark and light

draws your touch on my skin

you cannot reach it

while you see me

a bodyscape at your sight

a statue

with my capital live stockings

and my imaginary fulfilled defined head

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire


Shady shadow in the shade

Is it a murder or a shame

It’s a Virgin that comes to Slut

No vaseline hug

On her sex toy

her girlish playground

up to daylight

till the next round

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire


Fleshy in your mirror eye

Bright fencer

Grab the ring for tonight

hard hot horny

the game’s turned on

hard nipples to play with

small cunt, lavish lips

put your glove on and come to play

with my little me’s

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire

The dispute

Retained rage accelerations

From an azure background

That dyes of a smart blue

Which doesn’t betray the extremity

Crimson distressing

The dispute

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire

Silent hymn

A silent hymn to myself
climb up to my phallus mind
and discover yourself
looking down
to grab my
hestatic ass the one and only
available pipe dream

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire

to L.S.

red sox
my head is like a cock
bloomin ov desire
I stole his zygote
for ur stiletto rhyme

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire


Suspended act

Immense ass

The energy goes up and down

As you possess me with your

Restless eyes

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire



Big Blood Blooming
your hand trough my flesh
my very new slit
wide open fit

Bloomin. Big.

to your
imaginary that makes me bleed

And goes like this:

let's come together,

right now.

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire

Clorophyl toe

bloody life
chlorophyll toe
sacred hole
penetrate my dreams
as i stroll it in your head
as i stroll it in your head
as i do so till i'm wet.

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire


It’s a wet dream

It’s you taking me

In a moment

That kept us in

a rhythm that’s hung up to the wall

It’s a wet dream

It’s me giving myself to you while you dick me from behind

On the red bed of your imaginary

I’m your pupple-steele

So come on make me yours

It’s a wet dream.

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire

Sacred Obscurity

A sacred body

an obscure hole

silent infinity

realm of stolen sight

stuck in a thirsty mind

for a neverending desire

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire

Dark light, pale shade

Blue moon, blown ruffled head

Climb up this caryatid body

Drag your senses from the thighs

Trough the obscene playground

And follow my hand to my monumental

curves of a breeding belly

Up to a generous couple of tits

And find the kink

Of being in my possession

Anaïs ou Le Frigidaire